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The Company

The Company, Dekorra Optics, LLC., has a long history in software development for analytical instruments (think the CSI crime lab). The company's history is rooted in unix, pre-Apple with a successful mouse based user interface layered over unix released March 1984.

Since 2002 the company's focus has been exclusively Mac OS X and a broader user base with the highly successful vector drawing application EazyDraw.


The name "Dekorra" derives from the company's location on the Wisconsin River. Dekorra is the name of the river landing / unincorporated village that today has about the same number of inhabitants as were found by the earliest french explorers to the area.

At the time of the French explorations the chief of the village was Morning Star who took the name Dekorra when she married a french trader of that name. Interesting note: when the Winnebagos living in the village were relocated by train to the west, they simply walked back and continued their lives in their village.

Dekorra Optics, LLC
N5040 Beach Garden Road
Poynette, WI 53955
ph: 608 444 5245
fax: 608 635 2124
email: dMattson@eazydraw.com
EazyDraw vector drawing application for mac os x
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