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Download & Install Instructions

Download WebColorPicker

If you have recently downloaded the WebColorPicker as a Demo, there is no need to download again. The Demo download is the full version of WebColorPicker, you will just wait to receive your license code by email which will fully enable the WebColorPicker plugin.

Click the Download link then read the instructions below while the file is being retrieved from our web site. If you have recently downloaded the WebColorPicker demo and just completed a purchase, there is no need to download again. The content of "Demo" and the full product are the same, the license you will receive removes the demo restrictions.

If you see a screen of gibberish characters - you will need to hold down the Option key when you click the download link. You may also hold down the Control Key, click the link and select an action from the contextual menu.

WebColorPicker is delivered electronically as a disk image file (.dmg). The following steps should happen automatically, except for the step of dragging WebColorPicker to your ColorPickers folder. You will download the disk image (item 1 on the left) to your hard drive and mount the virtual hard drive (item 2 on the left) by double clicking (if necessary) the disk image icon. Then drag the WebColorPicker.colorPicker bundle (item 3 on the left) to the ColorPickers Folder in the Library folder in your Home Folder (item 4).

If you are familiar with downloading software, just go with flow, as there is nothing special here. If you are not familiar with the process, we have outlined each step in detail on the rest of this web page.

We use drag-n-drop installation. Everything needed to use WebColorPicker on your computer is contained in the WebColorPicker bundle - item 3 on the left. It is necessary to place the WebColorPicker bundle in one of the "magic" ColorPickers folders. Either in the Home Library folder or one of the other system Library folders, for details on using the other folders check the PDF manual found on the disk image.

The following steps outline the installation process in detail.

  • Click on the Download link - top left column this page. You may wish to Control Click the link and use the contextual menu and select Download Link To Disk.
  • If you get a screen full of gibberish characters, that means you MUST hold down the option key when you click on the download link. The option key is necessary to force your browser to interpret the download as a data file rather than an html page.

  • The download is approximately 1 Megabyte. It should take less than a minute on a high speed link and it should be feasible to download over dial up. Open your Downloads window from the Window main menu of your browser to see the progress of the download.

  • The disk image (see element 1, left column) will probably be mounted and opened automatically. If not, double click on the disk image icon.

  • Double click the virtual hard drive (see element 2, left column) to see the contents which include the WebColorPicker plugin bundle, a PDF manual, and ReadMe file. Check the ReadMe for the latest information on the current version of WebColorPicker. Drag and drop the WebColorPicker icon to your ColorPickers folder.

  • WebColorPicker is a plugin, it is only used with a host application. Double clicking the WebColorPicker icon will not launch WebColorPicker. WebColorPicker is not going to be available to applications that were running before installation. You will need to quit an application then restart it after the WebColorPicker plugin is in place.

  • EazyDraw is a fully modern Cocoa OS X application that will utilize all of the features of WebColorPicker. You may want too use EazyDraw as an initial host application to gain a proper understanding of WebColorPicker's capability. EazyDraw can also serve as an intermediary host application to facilitate use of WebColorPicker with older technology OS 9 ported applications (such as BBEdit) that do not properly support the OS X Color Selection technology and Color Panel.

  • To learn more about EazyDraw follow this link: EazyDraw a vector drawing application designed exclusively for OS X.

WebColorPicker has complete online documentation available at this link: WebColorPicker Manual an HTML version of the PDF manual; which includes detailed installation instructions and "getting started" hints.

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